Norwegian: NEW course for foreigners

Start date: 21st September 2016

Day and time: Mondays and Wednesdays 17:45 - 20:00

Place: Finnøy sentralskule

Duration: 9 weeks

Course fee: 4950 NOK (45 hours)


Norwegian for beginners is designed for those who have not learned Norwegian language before. Course participants develop a basic knowledge (A1 level) of the language to be able to get by in simple everyday situations.

Language teaching is undertaken using a communicative method. Participants  are encouraged to use the language actively in practical, everyday situations. The aim is that participants quickly gain confidence using the language.

After completing the course it will be possible to sign up for a continuation course (A2 level) in the following semester.

You can apply by sending e-mail to (tel.99577757) by 15th September.






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